Church Council
The Bethel Church Council is elected by members of the congregation to lead and make decisions on behalf of the church. The Council meets monthly and works with pastoral staff, the congregation, and members of the community to coordinate projects, assign tasks, and make decisions regarding the church’s budget, facilities, and programs. Council members work to be directly involved in the Bethel community and its ministries. Every year the Council elects its Executive Committee, which consists of the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Those who serve on Council are elected to two-year terms and may serve up to two consecutive terms.

Council members for 2018:
PJ Bentley
Tana Bishop
Stephanie Burdick
Karen Carpenter
Meghan Cyr
JulieAnn Edman
Sonia Fornoni
Athanasios Michaels
Cate Milburn
Ryan Olson
Holly Redfern
Jim Van Dyke
Don Worthington

Annual Congregational Meeting
Bethel Lutheran holds its Annual Congregational Meeting every January. The meeting is typically scheduled to follow Sunday worship. At the meeting, the Council submits the proposed budget for the year, nominees for Council, committee reports, pastoral reports, and acknowledgements and thanks for those who made significant contributions of their time and energy during the past year. Members of the congregation can make motions and vote during this meeting. It is also a time for fellowship, sharing, and gratitude.

Special Meetings
Occasionally the Council will schedule a special congregational meeting and invite all members to attend. Special meetings are held when a vote is needed on a decision that may be outside the scope of the Council and that may have a significant impact on church finances, facilities, or staffing. Members are giving minimum two weeks notice before a special meeting is scheduled.