There are lots of great ways to support Bethel financially.

Your financial support helps fund Bethel’s ministry to the community. You can name a specific ministry or activity that you would like to donate to or you can make a general donation. We are deeply grateful for your support.

Give through Vanco

It’s quick and convenient. Forget cash for the plate? Text your donation during the service.
Use Bethel’s Give+ to text a donation. See GivePlus Text Quick Guide
Or download and use the app. See GivePlus Mobile How It Works

Give by Text Number: 855-944-1171
Texting Code Fund Name
General Operating – Default Fund
Parsonage Parsonage Project
Ticket Cab & Cab Ticket Purchase
Auction Cab & Cab Auction

Other Easy (and painless) Ways to Give

Did you know that you can help Bethel’s bottom line without affecting yours?

  1. Fred Meyer. Are you and Freddie on a first name basis?  Do you have a Rewards Card?  If you link your card to Bethel, you still get all your reward, fuel and other points and Freddies donates a small percentage to Bethel programs.
  2.  Amazon. If you shop Amazon (and admit it, who doesn’t) use the Amazon Smile site rather than the regular You link your Smile Account to Bethel and again, everybody smiles. Just be sure to remember Amazon Smile.
  3. Thrivent. Are you a Thrivent member? You can designate Bethel as recipient of Thrivent Choice donations.  Just remember to log in occasionally and direct those bucks!


Donate through paypal.