Summer Program

Summer Camp Canceled

May 14, 2020 

Dear Parents, Friends, and Supporters of Drop-In, 

It is with a heavy heart that we announce the cancelation of the Summer 2020 Drop-In program at Bethel Neighborhood Youth Drop-In Center. 

 That phrasing “with a heavy heart” comes from Cheyenne McPherson, past Director of Drop-In programs, and it captures our disappointment and grief over the loss of this resource for our beloved Bethel neighborhood, families, and, especially, children. 

The Center Board met last Sunday to accept Cheyenne’s resignation and to make official the reality that has threatened our plans for the summer program since late February and early March. Board members had lots of information and resources to guide us: The Governor’s recently published phased plans for resuming medium and large gatherings; guidelines about building use from the Bethel Church Council; encouragement and pleas from the resigning program directors; and sobering cautions about coming together too soon and in too large numbers from many local and national public health leaders. Above all, we want our families and staff to be safe—and the difficult and responsible choice to cancel Summer Drop-In is one way to keep us safer in this time of COVID-19. 

Please help us get the word out, and please convey our love and grief and fervent hope for safety and health as you do so. We are notifying families and friends by email, we are refunding program deposits as checks sent by snail mail, and we are updating the Drop-In Center page on the Bethel web site.  

The Board will meet as needed this summer and will meet in earnest beginning September as we evaluate plans and possibilities for a revitalized After School Program for Spring or Fall 2021 and a renewed Summer 2021 Program. We are recruiting members and consultants who might help us make plans for safe, strong, and vibrant programs. Could that be you? We welcome parents, neighbors, and supporters as Board members. Drop us a line at to begin an exploration. 

Thank you for your partnership with the Drop-In Center. 

YDIC Board of Directors