Spiritual Direction

Bethel is a place of hospitality – a welcome that is extended to and includes everyone, no matter their faith tradition or background. Bethel extends their welcome setting aside space for contemplative listening and spiritual direction.

While sharing qualities with other therapeutic and counseling modalities, spiritual direction is focused on one’s relationship with Spirit and spirituality as expressed and experienced in one’s ongoing life of prayer. The spiritual director or companion offers a welcoming, listening presence in an environment that is safe, confidential and sacred.

The invitation of spiritual direction is to become more fully who we are, with greater trust and freedom in the Spirit of God.

Currently, three spiritual directors use the Bethel’s contemplative space.

Rob Downer
Rob Downer, M.Div., received his certification in contemplative listening from the Namaste program in 2004. He has been practicing spiritual direction here at Bethel since 2005. He enjoys working with diverse spiritualities, including LGBT spirituality and discernment for ordained ministry. More about Rob can be found on his website, www.rosedirection.com.
He may best be reached by text or call: 503-381-3776. An initial session of spiritual direction is always free of charge.

Marianne LaBarre
Marianne LaBarre, Ed.D. is Professor Emerita at Seattle University’s School of Theology and Ministry where she led the Pastoral Leadership Program. She is an experienced soul collage teacher and life coach. Her book God Knows Your Job Gets Old: Twelve Ways to Enliven It is a practical guide to living all aspects of life with greater vitality.
Marianne can be reached at MLABARRE@seattleu.edu

Toni Tortorilla
Toni Tortorilla, M.S., M.Div., Licensed Professional Counselor and Spiritual Director
Toni may be reached at tjtortor@aol.com or by calling 508-780-7608