Pastoral Care

The pastors at Bethel is available in both difficult and joyous times of your lives to “walk with you along your path” to provide emotional support and spiritual care. At times of critical illness and trauma, we may experience high stress, a reduced ability to cope, and fractures in important relationships. Our Pastor is available to listen carefully and guide you spiritually through life changes.

Life transitions or significant events are often when pastoral care is needed. It is not uncommon for people facing such events such as a divorce, a loss of a job, serious illness, impending surgery, hospitalization to want to speak with a pastor. Certainly, the death of a loved one is an important time to talk with a pastor. Grief, left unresolved, can trouble someone for a very long time.

Joyous events are also cause for a pastoral conversation. The birth of a baby, the desire to be baptized, to be married, to reaffirm wedding vows or your baptismal covenant are also times to call your pastor.

You certainly do not need to be a member of Bethel Lutheran Church to speak with our pastor. Pastors serve as a witness to all of creation to the abiding presence of God’s love.

Care Team
The Care Team is made up of Bethel members. The team’s goal is to support other members of Bethel through all times in life, including transitions such as new jobs, illness, new babies, and more. We work to coordinate needs that arise with members of Bethel who can help out. If you need care or want to get involved with the team, please contact Pastor Leon or the office.