Bethel Bees Food Ministry Program

Welcome to the Bethel Bees Food Ministry Program!

Our new food ministry wants to bring some sweetness into the lives of our neighbors and pollinate some good community spirit.  By using the image of a bee, we are showing our neighbors that we are active, persistent and helpful to our neighborhood.  We have a new mascot:  Bethel L. Bee!  By having a team name and mascot we are reimagining ourselves for our service/community in an accessible way.

Bethel BEES BarBEEQ news:  Success!  Thanks to all those busy bees for making the first BarBeeQ a great community event.  Join in as the next one is scheduled for August 8,  5:30 – 7:30 PM.  Please consider bringing a side and if there is a game you want to share bring that too!


Breakfast and Lunch Prep for Summer Youth Program:  Bethel Bees  have been asked to help prepare breakfasts and lunches for the kids enrolled in the Summer Youth Program.  Pease Come join the hive and  make a difference in our community!

If you are interested in helping with meals for the Summer Youth Program please send an email to the office or to
Partnership with Community Dinners :  This program strives to create an equitable dinner table through shared meals that alleviate social isolation, build community and strengthen under-served neighborhoods.

The next date for serving at Renaissance Commons, located at Denver and Argyle, will be July 27.  Volunteers will be needed for cooking as well as serving on site.  Consider volunteering for this great project.  We are cooking the meals (for 60 people) in Bethel’s kitchen.   Come and join in!

Garden Project:  Nash as has done a great job getting the garden started but now volunteers are needed to water and weed each week.  Use this link to see available spaces.  If you want to sign up either email or call the office or 503.285.4919.  The revised list will be accessed through the link above.

Please see the Question and Answer sheet here for more information on the mission of the Bethel Bees.